Incredibly useful as it has a stimulating effect. Offers a pleasing aroma, relieving headaches and regulates fatigue.

Whether you are experiencing a quick freshen-up shower, or a more leisurely and indulgent shower to transform your mood, this Lemongrass Uplift Mood Boost Shower Steamer will stimulate your senses as it releases it's crisp aromatic fragrance



    If you pop it right in the middle and it gets a ton of water then it will react and disolve quickly and may not last for more than one visit to the shower cubicle  However, if you you place it on the peroiphery of where the water may come into contact, the release of all the goodness, oils and scents will be mush slower, making for a longer last shower steamer fizzy tablet than you might ordinarily experience.

    A great benefit of shower steamers when compared with bath bombs is that they last longer.   Despite their diminutive appearance, and indeed, they are much smaller than a bath bomb, side by side, they last longer for a few reasons. 

    Because the shower steamer is not entirely immersed in water, they can be used in a shower, and have not dissolved completly by the time your shower has completed.  This will leave you some more shower steamer, for your next or even subsequent shower to that, meaning they last longer and you get more bang for buck.