shower steamers feature eucalyptus to help ease congestion and soothe sinus symptoms. 


I love this method of clearing sinuses, I don’t always have that same severity of congestion, nor the time and the patience and time to sit with my head over a bowl of steam for 30 minutes a day. Cold or no cold, life must go on! So I love using the DIY shower steamer method for breathing in herbs and steam.


  • Firstly, you need to get your shower to the right temperature, then let it fill your bathroom with steam. After this, place the shower steamer on the floor of your bathroom, away from a direct stream of water. However, you want it close enough for some little splashes to hit the steamers. Those splashes of water are important because they activate the shower steamers.

    For long, therapeutic showers, place your shower steamers as far away from the stream of water as possible. The less water they are exposed to, the slower they release their invigorating aroma. You get to enjoy your shower for as long as you are in that fragrant-filled atmosphere.

    You can also quickly fill your shower with their beautiful scents by exposing the shower steamers to a stream of water. The reaction will take place quickly and you will have your shower instantly filled with sweet scents.

    A crafty way of using your shower steamer is by hanging it on the wall. You can do this by placing them in an organza bag and hanging the bag on the wall. Ensure that you hang it at a safe distance away from your nose because the scent can be too strong when using this method.