Pack of 12 Bog Bombs and choice of Three Fragrances

  • Each bog bomb is 50g
  • These may not be rainbow-coloured unicorn droppings
  • Freshly foraged from mythical pastures
  • Fizzes around your toilet producing a colour fizz
  • Each poop (bog bomb) gives off an invigorating scent
  • Just plop a few Bog Bombs in your toilet and they'll fizz and roam around the water, leaving a bright colours in their wake.


    • 12 Bog Bombs ~50g each
    • Select upto 6 Fragrances at Checkout

    Hand made with nature. Our products are crafted with care and thought. We use the best ingredients nature has to offer to care for your body. 

    • citric acid,baking soda,corn starch,epsom salts (Optional & Not in all our products),dry color mica powder,essential/fragrance oil (your favorite skin-safe oils),sweet almond oil,witch hazel

    Our Products come in varying sizes - 

    • Large Ball
    • Medium Ball
    • Small Ball
    • Cookie Cutter Shapes - Medium & Small

    Fragrance Oils - 

    • Variety to choose from
      • Bubblegum
      • Apple & Cinnamon
      • Cherry
      • Blueberry Muffin
      • Toasted Marshmallows
      • Snow Fairy
      • Vanilla
      • Orange
      • Coconut
      • and so many more